A6 Five Things

Safety: Assignment 6

 5 things I do to keep myself safe


A6 5 Things I do to keep myself safe

A6 Pay Attention



This two part assignment starts with “5 Things I Do To Keep Myself Safe.”  Think of five things you do to keep yourself safe, or to keep yourself feeling safer.  For example, you might lock the doors of your apartment or car, avoid dating, go to AA meetings, take your medication.

After completing this worksheet, move on to “Pay Attention! Worksheet.”  Take a few minutes throughout the day to pay attention to your body and mind.  What thoughts are moving through your head? Are you aware of your breathing?  If you are, is it fast or slow, deep or shallow?  How are you holding your body or is your body holding you?  Are your muscles tense or relaxed?  Use the chart to become more aware of what is going on within you.  The worksheet has some sample times of the day when you can check in with your body and mind, as well as some specific things you can pay attention to.  Consider using a larger sheet of paper, so you have more room to write.


Time needed:

30 minutes


Materials needed: