Safety: Assignment 5

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).


A5 SOP Worksheet


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be useful in a variety of situations.  An SOP allows you to feel comfortable in knowing what you are going to do in a certain situation — preparing in advance for situations helps relieve stress and concern about safety, communication or thinking quickly when you are under stress.  It allows you to relax and be comfortable knowing that your list will guide you (or others) through times when you might not be able to think as clearly as usual.  SOPs can serve as reminders of what to do when depressed or suicidal, help you cope with the after effects of flashbacks or nightmares, or act safely in emergencies.  An SOP can be used as a reminder for yourself and/or your support network, or can be used as an agreement between people, a sort of mutual “contract.”

The handout is two pages.  The first page is the worksheet to fill out yourself.  The second page contains some prompts or common examples.

Consider sharing this SOP with your therapist, partner, best friend, minister, or other people who are close to you and care about you.  They can help you remember what you have decided is best for you.

Time needed:

15-60 minutes

Materials needed:

  • SOP Worksheet
  • Writing tools
  • (optional) Envelope and addresses to send copies to loved ones.