A3 Diagram of a Cut

 Internal Resources: Assignment 3


  Body, Heal Thyself

  Diagram of a Cut



Print the attached handouts (or view / work from your computer).  Read the “Body Heal Thy Self” handout, then move on to complete the “Diagram of a Cut” worksheet.  As with any exercise, feel free to capture your responses in your journal or notebook instead of using a worksheet.

Draw the process of a cut’s healing — draw as many components as you’d like.  Feel free to add phrases, call outs, or any other details that help capture the essence of self-healing. (For example, you may want to add reminders like “don’t pick the scab” or “apply Bandaid” or “ask partner to kiss boo boo.”)

Don’t feel inhibited by your drawing skills.  Use online images or words or primitive line drawing.  Keep your hand moving.

Time needed: 15-30 minutes

Materials needed:

  • Handouts
  • Pencil/pen/color pencils/markers
  • Journal (optional)