A1 – Grounding Table

Internal Resources: Assignment 1

Grounding Table.


During the call, we listened to a meditation about inner peace. We have innate inner strength and we also gather and increase our inner strength through what we surround ourselves with.  We can use objects, thoughts, rituals or other components in our lives that bolster us and enhance our inner resources.

Identify the things in your life that ground you, that solidify your existence, that remind you of your strength and inner resources.  Find a place in your living environment (or in a notebook or other location) where you can gather objects, images, and words that remind you of your strengths — a place where you can visit frequently to draw upon their reminders.

For some people, this might be setting up an “altar” or a “grounding table.”  Others may want to place objects on a dresser for daily viewing, or tape images to a bathroom mirror or computer monitor.

In some cultures items from the elements (earth, water, air, fire) might be selected.  Others may value religious or spiritual artifacts.  Others, still, will gravitate towards objects from their childhood, or representations of superheroes, or items with soothing qualities.

Determine what serves you best – location and “objects” (or representations of concepts or objects) – and create a sacred space that honors and stimulates your strengths.

(Note:  Your FORGE welcome/supply package contained some items that you might want to include.)

Time needed: 15-60 minutes

Materials needed:

  • Variable, depending on how you interpret the exercise


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