Rally Press Kit


In light of the recent teen suicides, and recognizing the relationship between youth who have been bullied as kids who then grow up to be adult bullies themselves — sometimes their actions even resulting in intentional deaths (of themselves or others) — FORGE has put together a press kit for Milwaukee media.

The media push is timed to also promote the Peaceful Rally for Justice, Rights, & Respect on at 2:00pm on October 23, 2010 at MacArthur Square between the Safety Building  (821 W. State Street) and the Milwaukee Public Museum (800 W. Wells Street), between 7th and 9th Streets.

Join FORGE and many other organizations and individuals to:
Honor the loss of these vibrant individuals.
March in solidarity for justice and respect.
Listen to passionate speeches.
Support those who have been personally affected.
Build a stronger community that cares.
Envision a world without violence and discrimination.

“Press kit”

We included the following documents in the press kit.  Many items may be of interest to you.


News Release

[Basic information about the recent influx of reported/noted bullying and suicides of LGBTQ youth, and details about the October 23, 2010 Peaceful Rally for Justice, Rights, & Respect.]


Peaceful Rally for Justice, Rights, & Respect Flyer

[Printable flyer to share with friends and colleagues.]




What you should know about violence and harassment against LGBT individuals

[A short statistic-based fact sheet on LGBT youth violence/harassment, specific data on anti-transgender violence, rates of intimate partner violence, health consequences related to bullying/harassment/discrimination, the added impact of being LGBT and a person of color, and the cycle of violence.]





What you can do about violence and harassment against LGBT individuals

[A two page list of resources for LGBTQ youth who need support and connection, for adults concerned about LGBTQ youth, for individuals concerned about intimate partner violence, information about LGBT health/trauma/violence disparities, and where service providers can go to become more culturally competent.]




We are all responsible… 101 things you can do

[A list of 101 things you can do to reduce anti-LGBT bullying, suicide, harrassment, and violence.]



Journal Sentinel Op Ed

[A copy of the September 11, 2010 Op Ed entitled “Transphobia and mean streets” about the murder of Chanel Larkin.¬† The article discusses the intersection between gender, race, sexual orientation, educational neglect, economic disparity, employment discrimination, legal and medical barriers, and much more.]





Letter to Police Chief Flynn

[A copy of a letter sent to Police Chief Edward A. Flynn, endorsed by 12 other organizations, to push for a police-appointed LGBT liaison.]


IMG http://www.forge-forward.org/images/IMG_LGBT_police_liaison.png