Victim Impact Statements


The court will be accepting and reading victim impact statements.  Chanel’s direct family members have the opportunity to make a verbal statement before the judge on the day of sentencing.

We are encouraging community members to file victim impact statements to help the court understand that Chanel was a loved member of the community, and that hate crimes like hers hurt “other people like her” even if they didn’t know the victim.  If you would like some help with your victim impact statement, come to Sunday’s meeting!  You can submit your statement to the court at any time now, but try to get it in at least two weeks before sentencing (i.e., mid-October) if you want to influence the judge’s sentencing decisions.

You can download the Victim Impact Form from, which you can use to craft your impact statement, but you do not need to use this form.  Paragraph, narrative, and free form writing is encouraged, showing how you (personally or as part of a community) were impacted by this crime and Chanel’s death. Make sure you put the case number (2010CF2300) on your statement and send to it to:

Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office
ATTN: Mary Ann Onorato
821 W. State Street
Milwaukee, WI  53233