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  • Day 14 – Companion App

    #30DaysOfAction Walking Home Companion Until we live in a world that is safe from trans and gender non-conforming street harassment/violence, we will need a few tools to help us feel safer.  Thanks to CompanionApp, you will, as they advertise, “never walk home alone again.”  Companion is a FREE app that is available for both iPhones […]

  • Day 13 – Vote and help other trans people vote

    #30DaysOfAction Vote and help other trans people vote Because of ID issues and fears of encountering discrimination at the polls, many trans people do not vote. Yet it is elected officials who make the laws and set up the programs that can either help or hurt all aspects of trans lives. In 2016, voting will […]

  • Day 12 – Help a sex worker improve their employment opportunities

    #30DaysOfAction Help a current or former sex worker improve their employment opportunities. Engaging in sex work or survival sex increases not only a trans person’s risks of violence on the job, but also their risk of being arrested and living with a criminal conviction, which may substantially impact their ability to be hired by employers […]

  • Day 11 – Help someone obtain surgery

    #30DaysOfAction Help someone obtain surgery Not all transgender people want gender-related surgery. For those who do, it can be financially difficult to obtain. Some states still require surgeries before they will change identification papers, and having non-matching identification documents (IDs) increase the risks a trans person will experience violence. Here are # ways to help: […]

  • Day 10 – Push organizations and government systems to become trauma-informed

    #30DaysOfAction Push organizations and government systems to become trauma-informed. Some trauma specialists put it this way: “In our experience, it is extremely rare to encounter a formally designated perpetrator who is not also demonstrably a victim of some form of abuse, early trauma, or extreme neglect.” (1) Institutions from schools through social service agencies through […]

  • Day 9 – Increase the trans-savviness of domestic violence and sexual assault agencies

    #30DaysOfAction Increase the trans-savviness of domestic violence and sexual assault agencies. Trans people are victimized in many ways, usually more than once. Help trans victims access the healing services and safety they need by ensuring that your local domestic violence and sexual assault programs and your state’s domestic violence/sexual assault Coalition(s) know how to receive […]

  • Day 8 – Inspire with affirming images

    #30DaysOfAction Inspire yourself and others with affirming images. FORGE’s Espavo project collects professional-created photographs of transgender survivors of sexual assault, and our supporters. Many survivors include statements addressing “how they took their power” (the meaning of Espavo); others tell all without any words. Check out the Espavo online gallery at: Arrange to have the […]

  • Day 7 – Accessing healing resources

    #30DaysOfAction Access (or help a trans survivor access) healing resources. People who have been the victims of a crime are more likely to experience more crimes. That fact makes healing trauma a prevention measure: healing can help you learn about safer behaviors and environments. Some of the first actions you can take: Download FORGE’s “Self-Help […]

  • Day 6 – Improve police/trans relationships

    #30DaysOfAction Help improve relationships between the police and trans people. Because of past police misconduct against trans people — including profiling, verbal harassment and physical violence, use of excessive force, or unjust detention — many trans victims of violence will not report what happened to law enforcement. In the large Injustice at Every Turn 2011 […]

  • Day 4 – GED

    #30DaysOfAction Get (or help someone obtain) a GED Many trans people drop out of high school due to violence and harassment. Not having a diploma closes many job options and can force trans people to turn to street economies and survival sex (which are often illegal in many states and add to risk of both […]