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  • September is Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month

    The largest transgender survey to date, published in 2011 under the name Injustice at Every Turn, finally put a number to a reality many in the trans* community already knew too well: 41% of trans individuals have at some time attempted suicide. Obviously, many factors can lead to suicide attempts and completions. Statistics show clearly […]

  • Sexual assault within the trans community

    Recently FORGE heard from a transgender individual who was devastated that they had been accused of sexually assaulting one individual and abusing others within the trans community in their city. They wrote, “Despite my now diminished mental health, I have no way to escape any of this. I have no way to prove to anyone […]

  • Is voting a violence-prevention issue?

    Is voting a violence-prevention issue? Citizens of Ferguson, MO – which has been embroiled in a very public controversy over police violence – may decide it is: it turns out, Time reported on September 8, that just 6% of African-American Ferguson residents voted in the 2013 municipal election. It is with that connection in mind […]

  • Trans barriers to recognizing abuse

    Those of us who train about transgender domestic violence and sexual assault survivors typically talk a lot about the additional barriers trans survivors face in identifying what they are experiencing as abuse (which, of course, is the necessary first step toward getting help). Earlier this month the website XOJane posted a column by a transwoman […]

  • Today is LGBT Center Awareness Day

    Today, September 15, is the sixth annual LGBT Center Awareness Day, this year co-sponsored by Centerlink: The Community of LGBT Centers and The Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Professionals. There are more than 150 LGBT Centers playing pivotal roles in the LGBT communities where they exist. Such Centers serve as referral sources, meeting places, welcome […]

  • ESPAVO Photo shoot – Atlanta, GA

    Sign up today for your ESPAVO photo shoot in Atlanta, GA on October 12, 2014.  To learn more about the ESPAVO project, visit In Atlanta, look for Katie and Leigh in these bright yellow shirts. Online Ticketing for ESPAVO Project @ Atlanta Pride! powered by Eventbrite   Photographer: Leigh Houghtaling Leigh Houghtaling is the […]

  • Boats and anchors and trees, oh my!

    Did you miss the August 23, 2014 meeting to discuss goals and ideas for programming and getting what you want?   We had a great time talking about boats, anchors, trees, flying squirrels as part of identifying needs and desires, as well as figuring out some of the challenges that get in the way of creating […]

  • Your voice counts!

    If you were to dream big and be able to design services, events, and programs for the trans*/non-binary/SOFFA community that would also specifically meet your needs and goals, what features would you most like to see? Share your ideas: take the survey if you live in Wisconsin or northern Illinois! We particularly encourage the […]

  • Where in the world is FORGE?

    Travel NCAVP Roundtable The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs convenes an annual meeting for member organizations. The Roundtable serves as a time for networking, knowledge-sharing, and honing in on specific issues related to LGBTQ anti-violence with people who share a similar goal of serving LGBTQ survivors. FORGE has been an active member since 2007. FORGE […]

  • “101 Alternatives to Suicide” — Free Book!

    Legendary Kate Bornstein directly addresses the often daunting and prevalent reality of suicidal thoughts and actions within trans and queer communities. Through her typical bold, intense, and playful style, Kate offers unconventional alternatives to suicide in her book “Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws. Don’t be fooled by […]