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  • Gender Expression Donation Project

    At FORGE we know that many trans/non-binary folks unfortunately face disproportionately higher rates of discrimination, victimization, and often as a result, incarceration.  In addition to overcoming their emotional trauma, survivors routinely face the costly task of having to rebuild many of the basic necessities of their lives. We are asking folks to please consider purchasing […]

  • #GivingTuesday 2017

    ABOUT FORGE Transgender and non-binary individuals and loved ones all too often need help healing from violence and trauma. FORGE is the nation’s leading transgender anti-violence organization. Since 1994 we have provided free and accessible self-help materials, connected survivors to resources in their area, and worked to empower individuals and communities. You can help us […]

  • Beyond the Letters: The ABCs of Working with LGBTQ Survivors (NCVC)

    A workshop at the 2017 National Center for Victims of Crime Conference Description: We all have many identities and experiences that make us who we are. This is true for LGBTQ victims or crime, as well. This session will review core information about who LGBTQ survivors are, including prevalence and other victimization data. An […]

  • Bathrooms, Bullies, and Bystanders (NCVC)

    A workshop at the 2017 National Center for Victims of Crime Conference Description: Restrictive legislation is limiting the basic right of transgender and non-binary individuals to use public bathrooms and locker rooms. Additionally, youth and adults, politicians and citizens, parents and teachers, atheists and people of faith, (and even some victim service providers) are […]

  • Serving Trans/Non-binary SA and IPV Survivors (PTHC)

    A workshop at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Workshop Description: More than half of transgender and non-binary individuals have survived sexual assault, and at least a third have experienced intimate partner violence. Trans and non-binary survivors thrive best when working with mental health providers who are able to use their existing clinical knowledge and tap […]

  • Serving Transgender Survivors: Exploring Deeper Solutions (Amarillo, TX)

    A 2 day training sponsored by the Family Support Services of Amarillo, TX [Learn about day 1 here] FREE!  Register today: Description: Building on day one (Core Skills to Effectively Work with Transgender Survivors), the curriculum will be geared more towards advocates, therapists, other staff working at sexual assault or domestic violence-focused agencies.  Participants […]

  • Core Skills to Effectively Work with Transgender Survivors (Amarillo, TX)

    A training sponsored by the Family Support Services of Amarillo, Texas [Learn about day 2 here] FREE!  Register today: Description: A fast-paced, interactive day focused on improving skills for law enforcement, medical and forensic staff, advocates, therapists, campus and other victim service staff in effectively working with transgender survivors. The day will cover core […]

  • PrideFest Health and Wellness

    FORGE is once against a co-sponsor of the Health and Wellness area at Milwaukee Pride. The “Exercising Pride: PrideFest Health & Wellness” area was created as a space to increase the visibility of LGBTQ non-profit organizations and programs and to showcase their robustness and viability. Each booth has fun and creative activities that engage participants […]

  • Part of the Solution: Gender-Integrated Sexual Assault Support Groups (webinar)

    • Date: May 16th, 2017
    • Subjects: Featured

    Description: Sexual assault survivors derive many benefits from participating in support groups. Unfortunately, current widespread practices of holding only single-gender support groups deprive many transgender, non-binary, and male survivors of opportunities to benefit from these core services. FORGE surveyed and interviewed dozens of facilitators to identify concerns about all-gender groups and, most importantly, how experienced […]

  • Breathing in Love: Support and Kindness for Providers (IN)

    A workshop at the first annual statewide conference focusing on campus sexual assault prevention and response, hosted by the ICESA Campus Consortium [ ] Description: This interactive workshop will gently guide participants through a selection of trauma-informed experiences designed to promote a sense of calm, respite from the often harsh world, and a deeper […]